An Altered Cover


Some time ago, in a Sew Somerset mag, a writer penned a piece on an artist who used images of African – American women in her work. If you have “borrowed” vintage photos of African-American images in your artwork, then you may have had the same thought as I; Why are these pictures so tough to find? Am I looking in the wrong places?

Had it not been for that photo image of an African-American woman, the rag would have ended up in the trash.

Last weekend, I was in the mood to alter the cover of a composition book. I didn’t want to spend weeks doing it, though. My criteria ran: (a) quick and dirty (b) Autumn-themed because that’s my favorite season. (c) ¬†Witchy. Nothing says allure like “witch.” Yep. I decided to use that photo in an altered composition book cover.

Enter the quick and dirty method.

In this method (a.k.a. no original artwork here), I glued pattern paper on to the cover of the composition book. I then snipped and glued the photo from the mag on to the “new” cover. Next came the washi tape and leaf stickers. Finally, I sealed the cover with modge podge. Modge Podge works greatly on light colored paper, giving a nice, clear finish.. In this case, though, the white stuff dried to a film that muted and dulled the colors. The book will serve as a planner/journal, nonetheless. ¬†Finally, I added a scribble here and there with a white gel pen.